Avengers MythosEdit

Captain AmericaEdit

  • Definitely Howard Stark.


  • Bruce Banner, government weapon at the cost of his family.

Iron ManEdit

  • Tony Stark.


  • Could be Don Blake with a hammer.
  • Could be a projection of Loki.
  • Could be Loki himself.

Spider-Man MythosEdit


  • Eddie Brock.


Richard Parker, same as ever.


  • Peter Parker is the Green Goblin.

Fantastic Four MythosEdit

  • Could be Reed with elasticity, pyrokinesis, invisibility, and super durability.
  • Could also be Doom as above.
  • Other three are non-significant.

X-Men MythosEdit

  • Possibly a HYDRA counterattack.
  • Led by General X for the MRD. (psst, could Gen X be a Xavier/Jean amalgam?)
  • Wolverine, Nightcrawler, Iron Fist, female Speed, Nathaniel Richards, Morph, and Colossus/Thing amalgam

Possible Thunderbolts MythosEdit

  • Could be led or include Miles Warren: 616's Jackal, and 5919's Scarlet Spider. Born of Globulin green and this world's Carnage.

SHIELD MythosEdit

  • Daredevil's secret identity is Nick Fury. Blinded by a radioactive grenade.
  • Matt Murdoch is head of SHIELD.
  • SHIELD elites include Falcon (Barton), DD, Black Widow (Drew), and Winter Soldier (Rogers).