The following are plot points of Broken.


  1. Xavier Institute is bombed
  2. Avengers learn of the bombing, confront the problem
  3. Avengers battle Sentinels
  4. Avengers are arrested
  5. Tony is revealed to have problems
  6. Quicksilver is missing, and maybe another Avenger as well?
  7. Under SHIELD's orders, all of those who follow the registration act will be bailed from jail as a relative test for their operation.
  8. Some Avengers (we can decide who those are some time) agree, but others stay behind with massive guilt towards the death of Charles Xavier.
  9. Funeral of Charles Xavier, Tony Stark stops by as the X-Men show their disgrace towards him.
  10. Tony Stark asks SHIELD if what they're doing is right, and SHIELD convinces him to help enforce the act.


  1. Nick Fury is confronted by an illusion of Charles Xavier.
  2. Funeral of Charles Xavier, surprise visit from Tony Stark.
  3. Avengers escape their cells, have to handle the HYDRA guards
  4. Wolverine is turned into a weapon (Sabretooth has had the Muramesa Blade bonded to his claws.)
  5. Avengers are announced as fugitives
  6. Some villains are freed from jail to engage the Avengers.
  7. Insurgents fight off HYDRA
  8. Kingpin funds their escape and sends them into underground bunker
  9. Quicksilver confronts someone (Wanda)
  • Hulk would look all scorched, his skin basically like molten lava and his eyes glowing white. His anger is supported by the infinity gauntlet to basically be this BEAST.
  • SHIELD has an Ultron unit as well.
  1. Red Skull is seen sneaking around